Match Officials

The term 'Match Official' includes umpires, scorers, and match referees, who constitute the 'third team' during a cricket match and as such perform a vital role, both on and off the field, by upholding the Laws and Spirit of Cricket, applying Playing Conditions, and managing every game and recording it for history.

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) administers the professional levels of umpiring, scoring, and refereeing, which covers all matches played under its jurisdiction, including men's and women's international series, domestic competitions, and national & community tournaments. NZC also liaises with the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding overseas umpires and match referees coming to New Zealand, and any New Zealand umpires or match referees appointed to overseas series or ICC tournaments.

The New Zealand Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (NZCUSA), in combination with its six regional affiliates (Auckland, Northern Districts, Central Districts, Wellington, Canterbury, and Otago), oversees umpiring and scoring issues - including recruitment, retention, training, and accreditation - at the community levels of cricket throughout New Zealand.

This page provides some basic Match Official information for Umpires, Match Referees, Scorers, and cricket administrators including Playing Conditions, Match Schedules, and Match Official Appointments. 

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NZC Match Official Panels

NZC has concluded their NZC Umpire & Scorer Selection Process for 2023. You can find the confirmed NZC Umpire & Scorer Panels for the upcoming 2023-24 season by clicking here

NZC Playing Conditions

Dream11 SUPER SMASH Men 2023/24 Playing Conditions

Dream11 SUPER SMASH Women 2023/24 Playing Conditions

Plunket Shield 2023/24 Playing Conditions (Updated Nov 2023)

Ford Trophy 2023/24 Playing Conditions

Hallyburton Johnston Shield 2023/24 Playing Conditions

2023/24 Playing Conditions Amendments Overview

2023/24 NZC Code of Conduct

NZC Match Official Appointments

2023/24 Scorer Appointments - International Cricket


2023/24 Match Official Appointments - Dream11 SUPER SMASH FINALS

2023/24 Umpire Appointments - Dream11 SUPER SMASH

2023/24 Scorer Appointments - Dream11 SUPER SMASH


2023/24 Match Official Appointments - Plunket Shield

2023/24 Match Official Appointments - Ford Trophy (Updated Jan 24)

2023/24 Match Official Appointments - Hallyburton Johnston Shield (Updated Jan 24)

2023/24 Scorer Appointments - National Provincial A (Updated Jan 24)

NZC Match Official Resources 

Wanting to learn more about some of the Laws of Cricket so that you can umpire or score your child’s game? You can access some helpful resources by clicking here

Looking for some more resources to assist you in your journey as a scorer? You can access more scoring specific resources suitable for application in all levels of cricket by clicking here.






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