Frequently asked questions

Things may look a little different since your last BLACKCAPS or WHITE FERNS match. Below you will find the answers to everything you need to know to help your experience be a great one.

General Questions

Where can I find the schedule? The home schedule for 2023-24 is still being finalised, check out the schedule page for more information. 
I'm going to the cricket. What time does the match start/finish? Start times vary depending on the type of match and venue. Check out the full schedule for details.
How long is a T20 match? Each innings is scheduled to take 1 hour 25 minutes (unless all batsmen are out earlier). The innings break is usually 20 minutes (unless the first innings runs over time, then it can be shortened to no less than 10 minutes).
When do tickets go onsale?

Pre-sale starts Wednesday, 25 October 2023 at 9:00am.

General Public tickets will go on sale Wednesday, 1 November at 8:00am. To purchase tickets, click here. 

Did you know, Cricket Nation members get access to pre-sale and to discounts on Adult and Family priced tickets, and it is free to join! Sign up now by clicking here.

Where can I purchase tickets from? Ticketek is the official ticketing agent of NZC. Once tickets are onsale, we will post the link on our site as well as being available through 
How do I get hospitality tickets? The majority of matches will have hospitality options listed when you go onto the individual matches to purchase tickets. All information on hospitality and where to buy can be found here.
Does the ticket cover public transport to the venue? For some venues, travel is included in the price of the ticket. More information on this will be available prior to each game.
Can I watch cricket on TV? Matches will be available Free-to-air on TVNZ. 
Can I still listen to the cricket on the radio? You sure can, cricket's new home is on Today FM. For details on the frequency in your area, click here

Ticketing Questions

What are the ticket prices? Ticket prices start from $30 for short form and Test matches. Concession prices are also available for children, seniors, and students. Look out also for family offers and mates packs. You can also save 15% on Adult and family tickets by joining Cricket Nation
Are there any service and delivery fees added to the advertised price? Why do I have to pay additional fees? There may be some additional fees related to the stadium levy, these are outlined in 'booking fee' on the ticketing website. 
Can I choose my own seat(s)? Tickets will be sold on a reserved seat basis except for General Admission areas such as grass embankments where patrons choose where to sit within a designated area. At the time of purchase, fans will be offered the best available seats for their preferred category (or, if sold, the first available in the next lower category). The seat location details will be displayed, and you will then be able to see the offered section on a venue map prior to purchasing.
What is a ‘reserved’ seat and what do the different ticket categories mean? All tickets are sold as reserved seats, which means each ticket is assigned a specific seat and only the ticket holder may occupy that seat. Where a venue has a General Admission area, categories will be amended accordingly, and this will be shown on the ticket prices for each venue here. The different seating categories represent the variation between seats for a particular match, for example, differences such as quality of view, the standard of facilities, and position, including closeness to the field of play. ‘Category A’ tickets are deemed the best available seating for that particular match and venue. Each venue and match are unique and as such not all price categories will be the same for each match or available for each match. Please ensure you carefully review seating maps before making your purchase.
What does General Admission mean? General Admission is a ticket type used to describe a section of the venue or grass embankment where patrons are admitted to a designated area rather than allocated a specific seat. General Admission tickets are available at the majority of New Zealand cricket venues with grass banks, the majority of which do not have any fixed seating. If you are buying a General Admission ticket these seating areas are operated on a first-come, first-served basis. When you arrive at the venue you will be directed to the available sections by event staff.
My ticket is general admission but I have a seat number on my ticket, what does this mean? The reason a seat number appears on your ticket is for us to determine the capacity for any specific event. This information does not mean you have a reserved seat for your event. Depending on the event, general admission can either be embankment or non-allocated seating in the stands where applicable.
What is a Non-Alcohol Zone? Most venues will have an alcohol-free zone, marked clearly on venue maps, where alcohol cannot be consumed. Persons of legal drinking age, sitting in these areas will, however, have the option to consume alcohol in other designated areas of the ground.
What is "The Four" ticket type?

The Four (formerly known as mates-pack) is a package of 4 Category C Adult tickets at a discounted price.

Mates Pack historically has been restricted to Cricket Nation members only but The Four is available to the general public.

Can I buy tickets for a session of a Test match?

Subject to availability, tickets for a session(s) of a Test match are available at the box office on the day of a match.

Why are the delivery methods only mobile and e-ticket?

NZC has moved to digital tickets. This has a number of benefits to you as the customer, it means tickets can be easily shared with friends - we recommend using the Ticketek app to share, then you can load the tickets there, your mobile wallet or to the NZC app. We are also limiting the number of contact points for fans to keep you as safe as possible. Whilst e-tickets will still be available, we recommend using mobile tickets for a quick and efficient experience on the event day. 

What if I don't have a smartphone?

There will still be the option for email delivery, you can print your tickets out ahead of the match if you don't have a compatible device. 

Can I buy tickets at the venue? 

The box office at the venue will be open for customer service and ticket sales on match day. Tickets can be purchased online all the way through the match. If you have any issues, please come and see the team who will be happy to help. Accessible bookings can be made at the box office if you are not able to process these online. 

I have an offer code and have added tickets to my cart, I've gone through and selected my next match but the offer wasn't applied, what do I do?

Each time you go and add more tickets to your cart, you will need to enter the offer code for every match on the popup that comes directly after you click 'Buy Tickets'. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Ticketek

Where are my tickets?

Tickets will be sent at a later date. Don't worry, you will receive these prior to the event date. If you have not received them 1 week out, please contact Ticketek. 

What are Bundle Offers? 

Bundle offers are packages of either two back-to-back match tickets, or three back-to-back match tickets, at a discounted price where matches are played at the same venue. This offer only applies to Category B and Category C tickets.

Got more ticketing questions? Click here for a full list of Ticketek FAQ's. 


How do I buy tickets? Tickets will be available to purchase, once onsale, through Ticketek.
What if I need accessible seating? All venues have seating options available for patrons in wheelchairs or who require assistance. Request details from Ticketek when booking your ticket. Refer to specific details at each venue regarding accessing the stadium/park. We are currenty working Ticketek to move accessible bookings to be online. 
I want to buy tickets for multiple games. Can I do this in one transaction? Yes, during the purchase process there is an option to add more tickets to your basket. Keep an eye out for it before entering your details on the payment page. 
Does the ticket price include GST? Yes, all ticket prices are inclusive of GST.
What is the minimum age for attending a match without a parent? Children under the age of 14 will only be permitted entrance into a match with a parent or guardian over the age of 18.
Do children require a ticket? Yes, all children will require a ticket unless they are under 4 years provided, they do not occupy a seat (only applicable in reserved seating areas). If you require a seat for your child, you will need to purchase a ticket for their seat.
What age is applicable for a child’s ticket? A child’s ticket price applies to children, who at the time of the scheduled match are aged between four – fourteen (4-14) years of age inclusive.
Can I take a pram into the venue? Please check out the individual venue's conditions of entry prior to the match as some venues have restrictions.
What is a restricted view seat?
A seat will be defined as a restricted view if there is a possible obstruction due to the position of the seats, or something is positioned in the line of sight of the ground (based on the height of an average adult) – like a handrail, speaker, camera, etc.
Can I sit with my friends and/or family?
If you purchase in a single order, your tickets will be together unless you have specified otherwise. Ticketek also offers an Invite Your Friend function, which allows you to hold tickets next to yours for a period of time.
Can I purchase tickets from overseas?
Yes, anyone can purchase tickets, no matter which country you are located in.

Overseas customers may also wish to purchase a package including travel and accommodation. Check out the NZC Tours tab for more information.
How can I book tickets if I don't have a debit or credit card?
If you don't have a debit/credit card, you can purchase tickets using cash from Ticketek box offices (subject to availability).
What is Cricket Nation?
Cricket Nation is the online members club for cricket fans in New Zealand. You can join Cricket Nation by signing up on NZC’s or any of its Major Associations’ websites. Once signed up, you will receive a code that can be used when purchasing tickets to receive a discount on your order. To sign up or for more information, click here.
Where do I enter my Cricket Nation code?
When you have selected the game you want to attend, a box will pop up at the top of the page with a password entry function. Enter your Cricket Nation code in there to secure your discount. You must do this for each game you wish to purchase tickets for.

Group Bookings

Can I make a group booking? If you want to make a group booking larger than 19 tickets but do not require any hospitality or travel, you can apply to do that here.

Accessible Bookings

How do I make a wheelchair or special access booking? If you have special seating requirements such as wheelchair access, hearing difficulties or you require companion seating please contact Ticketek on 0800 686 677.

Alternatively, you can contact Ticketek online here.
Can I sit with family and friends if I have a wheelchair or special access booking?
Where possible, Ticketek will look to seat family/friends as close as possible to the wheelchair or special access seating.

Ticket Delivery

When will I receive my tickets? Tickets will be distributed/available for collection, including electronic tickets, starting in November 2020. If you have selected e-tickets you will receive an email containing PDF tickets to be able to print at home. If you selected mobile tickets, you will receive a text message with your ticket.
I recieved the confirmation email but not my tickets, where are they? Sometimes there is a ticket suppression which would mean you would not receive your tickets straight away after purchase. If you have still not recieved your tickets 2 weeks before the match, please get in touch with Ticketek.
It's less than 2 weeks before the match and I still haven't got my tickets?
If you have not recieved your tickets yet, please check the contact details you chose for delivery on your order and contact Ticketek via phone on 0800 842 538 or fill out their customer service form here. Tickets can also be picked up from a Ticketek outlet or at the box office on the day of the event.


Can I bring my own food and drink? Yes, you can bring small amounts of non-commercially packaged food into the venue (e.g. sandwiches, biscuits). Please ensure your food is not stored in glass containers (glass is not permitted).
You are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic drink in a sealed plastic bottle or bring along an empty drink bottle to be filled using water provided at the venue. Small thermos flasks containing hot water or tea/coffee will be permitted at test matches only.
Food and drink can be brought into the venue in a soft-sided chilly bag small enough to fit under a seat.
We recommend you check your local venue entry terms and conditions for any further restrictions and size allowances related to food and drink.
Can I take a seat with me? If you have a General Admission (grass embankment) ticket, a low profile portable/collapsible seat will be permitted if the base of the seat is no higher than 300mm from the ground and no wider than 600mm. Check your local venue terms and conditions for other allowances and restrictions.
Can I take an umbrella? Some venues allow personal, collapsible rain umbrellas smaller than a golf umbrella may be permitted (depending on the venue). Check your local venue entry terms and conditions for any further restrictions in relation to umbrellas.
Can I take a banner/sign with me?
Yes, you can. However, they cannot be placed over any existing signage, be considered too large; or be considered obscene, abusive, or may cause offence to another person. If you wish to bring a flag along, please check that the flagpole is no longer than one (1) metre. Banners/signs and flags will be subject to gate checks on entry by Event Management staff.
Is there any healthy food available to purchase at grounds?
Yes, some grounds have sandwiches, fruit, rolls, juice, and other healthier options for sale. If you have special dietary requirements we suggest you phone the venue to check what is available for you.
Where can I obtain replica shirts and other cricket merchandise?
You can buy replica gear at a number of outlets that sell Canterbury of New Zealand products or buy in advance from our online NZC Store.
Am I able to bring a musical instrument into the venue?
If you wish to bring musical instruments with you to a match, you will need to complete the following forms and have them approved by NZC ahead of the matchday. The forms can be founded here.

Third-Party Resale Websites

Which websites can I trust to purchase from? Ticketek is the only authorised ticket seller for NZC, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any other websites offering ticket sales and do not recommend purchasing from them.

Refunds, Lost and Stolen Tickets

Can I get a refund if I can no longer attend a match? As a condition of sale, there are no cancellations, exchanges, or refunds except where required by law or as indicated in the Refund Policy.
Where can I find the refund policy?
The policy can be viewed here.
Is there a reserve day if the match is rained out?
No, due to the tight tour schedules no reserve days are held. If a match is abandoned due to rain check the New Zealand Cricket refund policy, as you may be eligible for a refund.
What do I do if my ticket is lost or stolen?
If you have lost or had your tickets stolen, please contact Ticketek online here or call 0800 842 538

Duckworth-Lewis-Stern Method

What is the D/L score displayed on the scoreboard during matches? It's the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern Method, used to determine the result of the match if it was terminated at that exact moment (usually due to rain or poor light), provided each team has faced 20 overs, as this constitutes a match. The ‘D/L/S score’ is only shown during the innings of the team batting second. If the match is terminated and the score of the team batting second is:

One or more runs greater than the ‘D/L/S score', they are declared the winner
One or more runs less than the ‘D/L/S score', the team batting first is declared the winner
The same as the 'D/L/S score', the match is declared a tie.






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