NZC Governance

The Women and Governance project is about helping cricket organisations around NZ to lead and oversee "Cricket: A Game for all New Zealanders; a Game for Life". This means improving cricket’s governance capability and having Boards/committees that are more diverse and inclusive.

This page provides tools and resources to help Board and Committee members improve their skills, and give themselves the best chance to engage a diverse and effective Board.

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NZC Inclusivity Policy

Useful for your Board and Staff to guide their decision-making around inclusivity so we truly act in ways that deliver cricket as a game for all New Zealanders. This includes a Governance Inclusivity Policy:

NZC Inclusivity Policy

Women and Governance Resources

These practical guides and tools are designed to help you understand how to better engage women to help you achieve positive governance outcomes at your Association or Club.

They include aspects such as Motivations of female volunteers; Defining your Board’s needs; Wording for adverts and role descriptions; Finding and engaging female candidates; and Appointment and induction that enables diversity:

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Women and Governance Initiatives

The following resources are specific to help support cricket associations to achieve a positive shift in their governance inclusivity.

Governance 101 for Cricket is an online training course for all Board members to undertake, at a time that suits them, to improve their governance knowledge and skills:

Governance 101 for Cricket 

The Aspiring Directors programme is a way for Major Association Boards to promote the benefits for females to be involved in the leadership and oversight of cricket.  It exposes a Board to greater diversity of thinking in the short-term and develop potential candidates for the future roles.

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A Females in Governance Induction Day is an approach to build the knowledge, confidence and connections amongst the female directors involved in cricket across each region.

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Generic Governance Resources

The governance guides and tools below should help your Board or Committee lead and oversee cricket more effectively in general. They include aspects such as Defining your Board/Committee needs; Generic role descriptions and appointments processes; Induction process; CEO performance management tools; Board work-plans and agenda setting; Running effective meetings; Sport NZ Governance Mark:

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Women and Cricket Resources

The NZC Women and Cricket Report provides a summary of a significant piece of 2016/17 research around all aspects of female’s engagement with cricket:

Women and Cricket Summary E-Report







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