Elizabeth Perry

A double international in cricket and hockey, Liz Perry was recalled to the WHITE FERNS for the 2015 series against Sri Lanka. Perry is a right-handed middle order allrounder who made her debut in 2010, selected for the Twenty20 World Cup in the Caribbean at 22.

Perry has excelled at both cricket and hockey from an early age, making numerous age-group teams along the way before making her debut for the Central Hinds while still at school. She has also found time to gain an honours degree in anthropology and psychology at Canterbury University.

10 Questions:

1.    How did you get into cricket?

My brother and dad had great backyard battles so I would try and sneak in there with them and my love for the game grew from there. Thankfully I didn’t take my brothers wicket celebration dance…

2.    Where were you when you got the news that you’d made the WHITE FERNS team?

I was at the Basin Reserve when Gary Stead called and told me the good news, I was working in the lounge at the time and I let out a “tiny” scream  which was met with quizical looks from the guests

3.    Favourite cricket moment / highlight?

Playing in my last U14 tournament in Masterton for Wairarapa where I scored my first century against Hawkes Bay in the final. We went on to lose in the last ball due to a touch and go run out on the last ball. This was a highlight not so much for my century but for the aftermath and sportsman ship shown by the HB girls. I remember being distraught but both teams came together to do the “cheers” in a big cirle and some of those girls are still some of my best friends today. It has also stuck with me because at the BBQ the night before with all the teams there was a prediction in a conversation I had with the HB girls that the final would end in a draw and I would score my first century…. We all laughed at the time but freaky how it turned out

4.    What’s your day job?

Sports Recruitment and Player Transition Consultant for Global Elite Sports

5.    Do you have any rituals / superstitions?

My left pad always needs to go on first and while I wait to bat my gloves need to rest on my knees and my bat against my left pad. Those who know me know not to touch either of these items……

6.    What do you do in your spare time to relax?

I try and get to the beach as much as I can and I also like to chill out with my friends (coffee/wine hunting) or watching movies etc. I am a big fan of candles and reading before bed too

7.    Do you have any hidden talents?

None that are appropriate

8.    Who inspires you?

My Granny and “Team Hoyt” (Rick and Dick Hoyt)

9.    Person you’d most like to have a selfie with?

Kristen Wig from Bridesmaids

10.    What advice would you give to young budding WHITE FERNS?

Create your own cricketing identity – ask yourself what sets you apart from the rest? Always work on your weaknesses and challenge your strengths.

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