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Below is a list of FAQs, we aim to keep these updated as more questions come through. 


Q: What timeline has NZC/PlayHQ committed to for the platform to be in the hands of clubs?
A: Full training and onboarding will happen through the second half of June and right through August and beyond.

Q: How much does it cost to use the PlayHQ platform?
A: The platform is provided to the cricket network at no extra cost.

Registration Tool

Q: If we decided to stay with Friendly Manager for memberships, would we be able to transfer this data electronically to PlayHQ?
A: A key aspect of the registration process on the new platform is matching old profiles and player statistics to ensure that the players have all of their previous playing history. This cannot be completed without the registration process. NZC is currently working with PlayHQ to see if there are any alternative processes that can achieve the same outcome.

Q: I registered for Hockey through PlayHQ, can I use the same account for cricket?
A: Yes one of the great benefits of being on PlayHQ is that you can manage all your sports on one platform. 

Q: Can players register for more than one club?
A: Yes at a Junior, Youth and School level however, in senior competitions, you are not able to register for more than one club in a season - attempting to do so will trigger a transfer request. We know that some players do have dispensation to play across multiple clubs so they can be granted a player permit:


Q: Who sets the fees for the association and NZC
A: The fees upon registration can be set up by the association. This is shown at the point of registration in a breakdown for the participant to see where their funds are going.

Q: What fees are there for use of the platform and for payment transactions.
A: The only cost to the network is the 1.8% transaction fee for credit card payments that is paid for by the user/participant. The licence and all other costs for the use of the platform are covered by NZC.

Player Management

Q: How is player transfer between clubs and associations handled?
A: When a player registers to a new club, if they already have an account, the system will register that they already sit within a club, and it will trigger a player transfer. Transfers can also be submitted by clubs and associations. This has to be approved by the club they are leaving from, the association they are leaving, the club they are coming to and the association they are going to.
Q: Who can see mine or my dependents' details?
A; Your playing data and name will be publicly available within player lineups and team lists. You can make your details private by editing the settings on the profile tab in your account, and your name will be displayed as "Player" only in all publicly accessible information.
Q: I have a large club and I don't want to have to scroll through many players in the player pool. Can I tag a player to a certain age bracket?
A: Yes, the association will set these up based on what grades they offer competitions for. CRM/Websites

Q: Does PlayHQ have a CRM system that allows for Newsletter type communications rather than just emails.
A: PlayHQ has a direct integration with MailChimp that allows for far more comprehensive EDM creation. This links directly with the membership data base of a club for easy newsletter creation and segmentation of contacts.

Q: Does PlayHQ offer a website?
A: PlayHQ have an integration to Wix websites. It is not intended that in year 1 to have templates etc provided for all to use, but is certainly something we are exploring for year 2 or 3 of the relationship.


Q: Is PlayHQ integrated with Xero?
A: The full integration with Xero is on their development roadmap. There is a currently a really easy report download that has been built to upload direct to Xero just as a automatic transfer of data.
Q: Is PlayHQ linked with My Action Replay - which is the 'sister' company to CricHQ through which we do our livestreaming of games.  We are under contract with MAR, and the scoring that appears on the live streaming is CricHQ how do we manage that?
A: PlayHQ have integrations built to be able to integrate with various streaming providers. We are currently working with MAR to ensure that any existing contract can continue using PlayHQ for the scoring.

Q: How do I display live scores, registration forms and fixtures on my website?
A: This is able to be done via specific API keys to allow you to display certain areas on your organisation's website. You can find out more about API's here You can also add hyperlinks directly to your website


Q: Who will manage transfer of all player info? If there needs to be manual creation of records who will do this?
A: We will have all of the historical data for players and this will be matched to players through the registration process for the upcoming season. There will be no work needed to be completed by clubs to enable this.

Q: What will members need to do to adopt PlayHQ if a club chooses/does not choose to use the PlayHQ registeration process? e.g. set up profile, app to download etc
A: We are working through this with PlayHQ at the moment to identify the best way to get players into the system. Note that there is an important process to match past data of players as they register.


Q: Outline and timings of training and support for clubs. Given the scale of this change, this should be started well in advance of the season with a clear plan to ensure a smooth transition into the new season. Will NZC/Local Association be providing trainers for this, or training trainers within each club?
A: A full training plan for the next three months will soon be released. It will be staggered with specific user groups and PlayHQ have a number of staff that will support the NZC team in this onboarding process.

Q: Can PlayHQ provide insights / lessons learnt from clubs in other associations who have transferred from CricHQ to PlayHQ, particularly the migration and member change management process?
A: Cricket Australia are also in the middle of their transfer. We have been connecting with them and will be looking for opportunities for clubs and associations in Australia to share their experiences.

Q: What support is available?
A: PlayHQ have a youtube channel with helpful training videos. The link can be found here: They also have a full support site NZC have set up a zen desk which will allow a direct communication line between the cricket network and PlayHQ.

Live Scoring

Q: How do you find a match?
A; You will be added as a scoring admin to a club. Then you will be able to find a game based on that.

Q: How can you score an unofficial match?
A: A match will need to be fixtured by an association in order to score a game


If your question is not answered in the above, check out the support articles on the PlayHQ website, contact support or reach out to your local association

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