Q & A with Matt Gibb

Q & A with Matt Gibb

Do you play cricket yourself? In a team or the backyard?
I've been playing ever since I was a wee fella, it's always been a massive part of my life.  For the last six or seven years I've played with an amazing bunch of guys for Cornwall Cricket Club.  We're 'Cornwall and Sons' and we're aiming to dominate the Auckland 1B grade one day comp!

Another one for the Cornwall And Sons pool room. 

You seem to be pretty on the case when it comes to technology – have you come up with any technological advances when it comes to watching cricket?!?
Well to be fair I'm always on twitter when watching the cricket on telly to keep up with what's going on.  
This season we'll be trying out the Cric HQ app for scoring our games and keeping stats which should add a whole new level of interest to Saturday afternoons.
Who’s your favourite BLACKCAPS captain of all time and why?
I've always been a massive fan of Stephen Fleming.  By rights the guy should have been a gangly mess, given that he's 90% limb.  How he managed to make batting look so effortless and classy is beyond me - it was like watching a ballerina batting at times.  As a captain they just don't come more composed and tactically aware as Flem.  

What’s your favourite form of cricket? Are you a fan of Tests, 50 overs, Twenty20 or is this akin to choosing among your children?
I know there's a lot of differing opinions on this but for me I love all forms if the game.  I think the problem really lies in this pesky 12 month year we just insist on sticking with. Surely if we just added two, maybe three months to every year we'd have time for all formats to get their chance??

What’s your earliest cricketing memory?
Mum probably has a stronger recollection of this, but I do vaguely remember the first time I used a hard ball in the back yard.  It was a sunny Christchurch day, the pitch was hard and fast.  The wheelbarrow was a stand-in wicketkeeper and everything was in place as I started my run up... and then two hours later the window guy had left and the pane of glass three metres to the left of the pitch had been replaced. Whoops.

Matt reminiscing about the broken windows of his youth. 
If you were picked for the BLACKCAPS, where in the batting order would you put yourself and why?
Whoa...now you're putting the pressure on.  It's a question I've often asked myself - "Would I do a better job than Chris Martin at number 11?"

While I think I've got him covered when it comes to follicular coverage of the cranium, I honestly don't think I'd beat his test average.  I'd have to elevate him to ten and hope for the greatest tenth wicket stand of all time.
Who’s your favourite cricket commentator and why?
I was always a huge fan of Mystery Morrison teamed up with Jeremy Coney.  Oh and don't forget Wads!  Brian Waddle brings a game of cricket to life on the radio!  Chuck in expert comments from Michael Holding and you've got yourself an A+ commentary team my friend.

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