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Russell at The Wasted Afternoons timed an American holiday so poorly that he missed the first Ashes test. Except he didn't.

I sound pathetic but the contrast of the bustling, grimy streets of Manhattan against my mornings rising to watch The Ashes against the lush, green back-drop of an English summer has done nothing but reinforce my love of cricket. Of its aesthetic beauty and of its monastically calming presence in my life. 

These are feelings I am having from watching a game that's been riddled with umpiring errors and heart-in-mouth moments, so I realise that labeling this game 'calming' sounds completely insane. But watch it I did and what a game it was to watch.

We at the Dobber could listen to David 'Bumble' Lloyd talk about pretty much anything all day long - and so, here are 21 questions with the great man, along with pithy and hilarious answers.

What’s your favourite joke?
Here’s one. A skeleton walks up to the bar and says ‘Can I have a pint and a mop?’ Do you want a better one than that? Our vicar’s gone missing, we’ve not seen him for a fortnight. We’ve reported it to the missing parson’s bureau.

Stats! The Guardian's Nick Evershed graphs Ashes batting and bowling averages since the series began. It's pretty easy to spot each team's 'golden ages' when data is presented like this - doesn't make it any easier to be on the receiving end of a golden age however. 

Anti-stats! A passionate Quora contribution argues that over-analysis of the modern game has taken away cricket's glory, strokeplay and derring-do. And it's all Michael Bevan's fault (post contains some NSFW language).

The new recipe was, forget being a batsman, just put the bat to the ball and run like hell. Run singles. Bevan was not a cricketer but he was recruited to put the theory to test. That is all he did, day in and day out. Night and day. Put the bat to ball and run like hell. Suddenly, cricket, a beautiful bat-and-ball game was reduced to run-the-22-yards-fast game. 

Grantland Channel tells the story of the Compton Cricket Club, and its members. 


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